Mastering your business requires mastering your self-control

I make change accessible, attractive and achievable for people and organizations who want to adapt to the requirements of their professional environment

Founders & Executives

Develop your self-control to manage your business and to develop your career

  • Entrepreneur, you wish to be accompanied in a critical phase of development of your project, prepare the sale of your business or the integration of a big investor

  • Executive, you want to be supported while taking up your position, prepare your succession, when deciding in a critical situation, or even take heigth when redefining your ambition and forging a strategic vision.

  • Entrepreneurs and executives, you wish to optimize your potential and develop your personal efficiency: gain confidence, improve your stress management, better manage your emotions, strengthen your leadership


Improve the operational efficiency of your managers

  • Develop assertiveness to evolve within the company

  • Know how to better manage crises of daily stress and conflicts

  • Know how to be in better adequacy with the teams, develop your leadership

  • Improve your change management skills

  • Secure your integration into a position or into a high-stakes team, take up a new position

  • Prepare change during an outplacement


Create retention by boosting the power of your team, develop maturity and collective intelligence

  • (Re)mobilize your team: creation of a new team, merger of two teams, crisis management, support for a project team
  • Improve collective performance: develop common skills and culture (values, practices, posture), new practices (agility, soft skills, continuous improvement), improve customer relations (internal or external)
  • Quickly develop your collective: integration of a new executive within your management team, support for your Steerco during a strategic project, for your team in difficulty during an organizational or business change

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